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“only+状语”置于句首的倒装句式 ... only_then_did_we decide to answer violence with violence. ……只有到这个时候,我们才决定用暴力反抗暴力。 only 放在句首修饰状语(通常是副词、介词短语或状语从句等) 时,句子需要部分倒装。 ①Only by under standing and lear ning from each other can we _s_p_e_n_d_ those days together happily. (2014·天津高考书面表达)
只有通过相互理解彼此学习我们才能一起开心地度过那些美好 的日子。

②There's no denying that only if we deal with and overcome

large numbers of difficulties in a correct way _w_i_ll_w__e_a_c_h_i_e_v_e





[名师指津] (1)“only+从句”放在句首时,倒装的是主句,

从句不倒装。(2)only 放在句首修饰主语时不用倒装。

③Only a few of the children haven't yet got a chance of

being educated. 仍有少数儿童未得到受教育的机会。

the fir st time 引导时间状语从句 I felt bad the_fir st_time I talked to a gr oup. 第一次给旅行团作讲解时,我的心情很不好。 有类似用法的词语还有:

(1)each/ever y time


next time


the last time



the moment/the minute/the instant 一……就…… immediately/instantly/dir ectly

① The first time he met the girl

he was struck by her

wisdom and fell in love with her. 他第一次遇到这个女孩就被她的睿智所打动并爱上了她。

② Every/Each time I see the old man in the park, he is

absorbed in reading newspapers. 每次我在公园里看到这位老人时,他都在专注地看报。

[名师指津] the first time 表示“第一次”,在句中可作宾语、 表语,还可以用作连词,引导时间状语从句。for the first time 表示“第一次”,独立作状语,不引导从句。 ③He became interested in the young teacher's lesson _th__e_f_ir_s_t_t_im__e_ he attended his class.He was so excited in class _f_o_r_t_h_e_f_ir_s_t_t_im__e_. 他第一次上课时就对这位年轻老师的课感兴趣。他第一次上 课这么兴奋。

Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.You can't imagine the trouble I had helping (help) him out. 2.In time we reached a stage where we had more young
readers than old ones. 3.After many failures, he finally set up his own company. 4.Nobody seems to understand. I don't know who to turn to . 5.The thief was sentenced (sentence) to five months in prison
because he stole things in a shop when he was out of work.


1.It was in the year 2015 that he came power as the governor of

this province.

came 后加 to

2.The boy lost his heart when he knew he failed the exam again.

去掉 his

3.I fell in love with the city for the first time I visited it.

去掉 for

4.The boss in which company Mr King worked heard about the



5.He pretends to understand, but as matter of fact he doesn't.

as 后加 a

Ⅲ.根据提示词和相关要求补全句子 1.这是一个没有收音机、没有电话,也没有电视的时期。(This
is a time when) _T_h_i_s_w__a_s_a_t_i_m_e__w_h_e_n__t_h_e_re__w_e_r_e_n_o__r_a_d_i_o_s_, no telephones or no TV sets. 2.只有在那时我才意识到与所有的朋友脱离关系,从不与他们 联系是多么傻。(only 引起的倒装句) _O_n_l_y__th_e_n__d_id__I_r_e_a_l_iz_e__th_a_t__ it was foolish of me to break away from all of my friends and never contact them.

3.我第一次在会议厅演讲时非常紧张。(the first time) I was very nervous _th_e__f_ir_s_t_t_im__e_I__g_a_v_e_a__sp_e_e_c_h__in__t_h_e_ m__e_e_ti_n_g__h_a_ll_.
4.当他的亲戚朋友向他求助时,他总是乐于帮助他们。(turn to,
be willing to do sth.) When his relatives and friends turn to him for help , he _i_s_a_lw__a_y_s_w__il_li_n_g__to_ give them a hand. 5.这座古庙见证了过去二百年里这个村庄的巨大变迁。(see) _T__h_e_o_l_d_t_e_m__p_le__h_a_s_s_e_e_n_g_r_e_a_t_c_h_a_n_g_e_s__o_f _th__e_v_i_ll_a_g_e_ in the past two hundred years.

Ⅳ.句型转换 1.I realized knowledge is valuable only when I had another
failure in my job-seeking. ①Only when I had another failure in my job-seeking _d_i_d__I_r_e_a_li_z_e_ knowledge is valuable. ②_I_t _w_a_s__o_n_ly__w_h_e_n__I_h_a_d__a_n_o_t_h_e_r_f_a_il_u_r_e_i_n_m__y__jo_b_-_s_e_e_k_in__g_ _t_h_a_t_ I realized knowledge is valuable.(强调句型) 2.The government came to power two years ago. →The government has been in power for two years.

关系副词的用法及定语从句 用法的其他要点

? 一.当关系词在定语从句中做状语时,要用关系 副词。
? 其中when=表时间的介词(in/on/at/during等) +which;
? why=表原因的介词(如for)+which; ? where=(表地点的介词in/on/at/under等)
+which. 如;
? I still remember the day when I first cameto Beijing. (when=on which)
? Can you tell me the office where he works?

? (where=on which)
? Do you know the reason why he is absent?
? (why=for which) ? 二.where/when=介词+关系代词(which)有
时为了表达清楚,还可以在关系副词 where/when前加介词from/to等。
? China is the birthplace of kites,from where
? Kite flying spreads to Japan,Korea,Thailand and India.

? Look over there.Some people are standing under the big tree,from where we enjoy the whole view.
? 分析:where代表under the big tree这个地 方,如果用which就只能代表the big tree,
? 这句话的意思不是Enjoy the view from the big tree而是from under the big tree所以只 能用from Where

? She climbed up to the top of the hill,from where she could have a good view of the whole town.
? (from where=from on the top of the hill)
? Alice stood in front of the window,from where she could watch her classmates playing basketball.
? (from where =from in front of the window)

? We went up to the roof,from where we had a good view of the procession(游行队伍)
? (from where=from on the top of the roof) ? 三.关系副词可用于非限制性定语从句中而 ? 关系副词why不可以。 ? 四.高考对关系副词where 的考察 ? 高考试题中队where 的考察趋于复杂,从先行

? 事实上,对于where 这个词不能只理解为 地点。当先行词为 part/situation/case/stage/point等,且先行 词在定语从句中做状语时,也要用关系副 词where 引导。
? They have reached the they have to separate with each other.
? Let’s think of a situation where his idiom can be used.

? I have reached a point in my life where I am supposed to make decisions of myself.
Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity where sight matters more than hearing.
四.关系代词和关系副词的比较 关系代词和关系副词在定语从句中除了其连接 主句和从句的作用外,他们换在定语从句中担 当句子成分。关系代词在定语从句中担当主语, 宾语,

? 定语、表语,而关系副词在定语从句中作 状语。因此,在选择关系词时最主要的是 分析定语才能根据中所缺的成分,如果从 句中缺少主语,宾语,定语,表语就选关 系代词,如果缺少状语就选关系副词。
? 比较下列句子
? Do you still remember the day that/which/ 不填we spent in Qingdao?

? Do you still remember the day when we spent the summer holiday in Qingdao?
? 题组训练
? 用that/which/when/where/why填空
? 1. I want to know the date_w__h_en_you were born.
? 2. I have forgotten the dateW__h_ic_h_/_thyaotu told me
? 3. Do you know the reason__w_h_y__he is absent

? Today.
? 4. This is the factory_w__h_er_ehis father works. ? 5.This is the factory_th_a_t_/w_h_ich his father
built. ? 五.定语从句用法的其他要点 ? 1.定语从句中的谓语动词的单复数形式与先
? ( 1 )one of +复数名词+关系代词+动词复 数形式

? The Great Wall is one of the worle-famous
? buildings that draw lots of visitors.
? Titanic is one of the most wonderful movies that have been produced in Hollywood.
? ( 2 ) the only one of+复数名词+关系代词+ ? 动词单数形式
? Tiantic is the only one of the wonderful movies that has been produced in Hollywood.

? Note: not the only of…= one of…
? Tom isn’t the only one of the boys who passed the exam.= Tom is one of the boys who passed the exam.
? ( 3 )当关系代词as 与which引导非限制性定 语从句,指代主句内容时,若as 与which 做主语,则从句谓语动词用单数形式
? Great changes have taken place in China,as is known to all.

? He has passed the college entrance examination , which makes his parents quite happy.
? ( 4 )其他情况 ? I ,who am your teacher,will try my best to
help you.
? To own a computer in families, which we thought was impossible twenty years ago,now becomes true.

题组训练 用所给动词的适当形式填空
1.He is the only one of the students who__h_a_s__ (have)passed the exam. 2. He is not the only one of the students who ___h_av_e___( have )passed the exam. 3.I ,who __a_m____( be )very busy ,can’t help them at the moment.
4.As ___i_s ___( be ) known to everybody,Taiwan

? is a part of China we must unify it. ? 5. the idea ,which I think_____is___( be )
? Reasonable ,was brought up by Professor Li
? Yesterday.
? 6.I still remember the teachers and the school ? that __w_e_r_e__ ( be )talked of yesterday.
? 2.注意way/time 后接定语从句的情况

? ( 1 )当先行词way 当”方式、方法“时引 导定语从句的先行词有下列三种情况
? What surprised me was not what he said but ? the way in which/ that /不填he said it. ? 注意下面两个句子中关系词的不同 ? The way that/which/ 不填 he explained to us
? was quite simple. ? The way that /in which /不填he explained the
sentence to us was not difficult to understand.

? ( 2 )先行词如果是time ,若time 做次数讲时 ? 应用关系代词that 引导定语从句,that 可
以省略。若time 做“一段时间,时代”讲 且做状语时,应用关系副词when或介词at/ ? during+which引导定语从句
? This is the second time (that ) the president has visited the country.
? I could hardly remember how many times

? ( that )I have failed.

? This is at a time when/during which there were no radios ,no telephone or no TV sets.

? 题组训练 用适当的关系代词,关系副词或介词+关系



? 1.I don’t like the way ____________he laughs

? at her. ? 2.This is the second time__t_h_a_t/_不_填_____I have been

? 3.Can you still remember the time __th_at_/w_h_ich_/_不_填
? we spent together in our childhood? ? 4.The first time ___th_a_t/不__填______he
saw her he fell in love with her .


(一)单元小语法 ————定语从句(Ⅱ)

Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.The reason for which she changed her mind is quite clear. 2.The days when they travelled together meant a lot to him. 3.I saw a house, the windows of which were broken. 4.She has two sons, both of whom graduated from Harvard
University. 5.Nobody knows the reason for which she didn't attend the

6.We went through a period when communications were very difficult in the rural areas.
7.The children, all of whom had played the whole day long, were worn out.
8.We visited the car factory where my uncle once worked three years ago.
9.This is the factory that/which I visited last year. 10.The old man has two sons, and both of them are doctors.

Ⅱ.补全句子 1.他不能到那里去的原因是他卧病在床。
The reason _w_h_y__h_e_c_o_u_l_d_n_o_t__g_o_t_h_e_r_e was that he was ill in bed. 2.我们生活在许多事情可以在电脑上做的时代。
We are living in an age when many things are done on computer. 3.毕业以后,他回到那个他长大的小镇上。
After graduation he returned to the small town w__h_e_r_e_/i_n_w__h_i_ch_ _h_e__g_re_w__u_p__. 4.我不喜欢你跟你父母讲话的方式。 I don't like the way that/in which you speak to your parents . 5.那间在大火中被毁坏的屋子已经被重新修好了。 The house which was destroyed in the terrible fire has been repaired.

(二) 课堂微写作 练扩写——让意蕴更丰满

[题目要求] 今天是国际妇女节。英语课上老师要求你用英文介绍一名对 你有深刻影响的女性。要点如下: 1.她对你的影响; 2.你想对她说的话。 请把下面短文扩写成 100 词左右的文章。 Today is International Women's Day. I'd like to introduce to you a woman who has a positive effect on me. The great woman is my mother. She works hard at work and takes good care of my father and me in life. Here, I really want to say something to my dear mother. I've grown up and I'm able to share what happens in life with her. Best wishes to my mom and all of you! Thank you!

[答案示例] Today is International Women's Day. I'd like to
introduce to you a woman who has a positive effect on me. The great woman is my mother. Since my childhood, she has been teaching me what life is. Not only does my mom work hard at work, but she also takes good care of my father and me in life. Faced with difficulty or trouble, she still carries on. What I learn from her will never be forgotten.

Here, I really want to say something to my dear mother. I've grown up and I'm able to share what happens in life with her, no matter how tough it is. As a student, I've made up my mind to study harder in the following days before the College Entrance Exam.
Best wishes to my mom and all of you! Thank you!

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