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北师大版高中英语必修一Unit2 《 Lesson 1 Modern heros》 课件 (共62张PPT)_图文

Unit 2 Heroes
Lesson 1 Modern Heroes

What characters do you think heroes should have?
brave, selfless, calm, honest, generous, intelligent, warmhearted, romantic …

Who are the heroes you admire in your mind?


film stars

super sportsmen


What do you know about Yang Liwei? How do you feel about him?
Born: June 21, 1965, Liaoning Height: 168cm Weight: 65kg Training: 1998-2003 Crowned: Space Hero

Shenzhou V

How did you feel about China’s first manned space flight?
The launch of Shenzhou V shows that China is becoming stronger and stronger. As Chinese, we are proud of being Chinese. China is wonderful!

Can you say some words about space flight? spaceman spaceship parachute (astronaut)
spacesuit space flight rocket






capsul e



Read the article quickly and circle all the words related to a spaceship’s movement.

1. lifted off

6. circling

2. lifting off

7. let out

3. separated from 8. shaking

4. soaring 5. circled

9. landed

Read the article again. Match the paragraphs with these headings.

a) Astronaut lands safely


b) Welcome home


c) International good wishes 4

d) An exciting lift-off


e) Introduction


f) During the flight


Read the passage and tell True or False.
F 1. When the spaceship separated from the rocket, Yang could feel the high gravity.
T 2. Yang Liwei spoke with the ground control when the spaceship was circling the earth the sixth time.

T 3. Shenzhou V can change red because of the earth’s atmosphere.
F 4. Yang Liwei felt the ship was shaking when Shenzhou V landed.
T 5. When he came back from space, he felt very excited.

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions. 1. How did Yang Liwei feel during the flight? How did he feel afterwards?
He felt the effects of high gravity and the feeling of soaring into the sky. After the spaceship landed, he felt happy to be back on earth.

2. What did Yang Liwei do during the Shenzhou V’s seventh circle of the earth?
He showed the flags of China and the United Nations to express the wishes of the Chinese people to explore and use space peacefully.

3. How many circles did the spaceship complete while Yang Liwei was sleeping? The spaceship completed two circles.

4. What were helicopters doing as Yang Liwei returned to the earth’s atmosphere?
The helicopters were flying to where he would land.

5. What did Yang Liwei do when he came out of the spaceship?
He smiled and waved to the crowds waiting for him.

Match the verbs with the nouns to form expressions. Can you think of more expressions with these verbs?

Verbs 1. collect 2. complete 3. let out 4. express 5. explore 6. feel

Nouns a) space b) wishes c) a task d) gravity e) information f) a parachute

1. As Yang Liwei returned into the earth’s atmosphere, helicopters were flying to where he would land, ready to collect him. 句意:当杨利伟返回地球大气层时, 直升飞机正飞向他将要着陆的地方, 准备接他返程。

点拨:此句是主从复合句。helicopters were flying to ... 是主句,As Yang
Liwei returned into the earth’s atmosphere是时间状语从句。where he would land是宾语从句,充当介词to的 宾语;ready to collect him是形容词短 语作伴随状语。

2. When Yang Liwei climbed out of the spaceship, he smiled and waved to the crowds waiting for him. 点拨:此句是主从复合句。he smiled and waved ... 是主句, When Yang Liwei climbed...是时间 状语从句。

smiled and waved是并列的谓语动词, waiting for him(= who were waiting for him)是动词-ing短语作定语修饰 the crowds。 句意:杨利伟走出飞船,向等待他的 人们挥手微笑。

Read Grammar Summary 3, on Page 92.

Grammar Past simple & Past continuous
Look at these sentences. In pairs, work out the differences between Past Simple and Past Continuous.

1. The surface of the spaceship was glowing red when it came back into the earth’s atmosphere.
2. Millions of people all over China were watching TV when the spaceship landed safely.

3. When the spaceship separated from the rocket, I suddenly got a feeling of soaring into the sky …
4. We were driving along a country lane when suddenly a car drove past us.

【归纳】 ★ 一般过去时常用于以下情况: 1. 表示过去发生的动作或存在的状态,
常和表示过去的时间状语连用,如: yesterday, just now, at that time, two months ago, last week等。如: Peter visited his friends in Florida two months ago.

2. 表示过去习惯性的动作,常和often, always等频度副词连用。如: When we were young, we often played football together.
3. 表示已去世者的情况。如: My grandfather lived a very simple life.(表示他已不在人间)

★ 过去进行时常用于以下情况: 1. 过去进行时表示过去某一时刻或某一
阶段内正在进行的动作。如: —What were you doing at 8 o’clock
last night? —I was watching television. I started watching television before 8 o’clock and I continued watching it after 8 o’clock.

2. wonder, think, hope等动词的过去进行 时表示说话人的委婉语气。如:
I was wondering if you could help me with this big box. 3. 与always, constantly等状语连用表示 某种感情色彩。如:
I didn’t like them because they were always complaining. He was constantly talking, which annoyed everyone.

4. 过去进行时可用来为一个或一系列动 作的发生提供背景。如: When I woke up this morning it was raining and my father was singing in the kitchen. I was playing a computer game when the doorbell rang.

5. 过去进行时可表示按计划或安排过去 某时将要发生的动作。如: We wanted to know when you were leaving for Paris.

【拓展】 1. 过去进行时表示一个正在进行的动作,
而一般过去时多表示一个已完成的动 作。如:
They were building a skyscraper. They built a skyscraper.

2. 一般过去时也可与since和for 引导的 词语连用。这时,句子的重点是谓语 动词,而不是since和for 所引导的句子 成分。如:
Nothing happened since then. I stayed there for two months.

1. — Bob has gone to California.

— Oh, can you tell me when he ____?

A. has left

B. left

C. is leaving D. would leave





2. — That must have been a long trip.

— Yeah, it _____ us a whole week

to get there.

A. takes

B. has taken

C. took

D. was taking

解析:根据语境 That must have been

a long trip. 判断是对过去事情的推测,




3. The manager was worried about the

press conference his assistant _____

in his place but, luckily, everything

was going on smoothly.

A. gave

B. gives

C. was giving

D. had given

解析:根据下句but luckily,可知之 前“经理担心他的助手正在代替他召 开的媒体招待会,故用过去进行时。

4. When I got on the bus, I _____ I had left my wallet at home. A. was realizing B. realized C. have realized D. would realize
解析:根据句子提供的情景,“上车” 与“意识到”是同时发生的,故用一 般过去时。本句意思是:当我上车时, 我意识到自己把钱包忘家里了。

5. I wasn’t sure if he was really interested or if he _______ polite. A. was just being B. will just be C. had just been D. would just be
解析:句意:我不确定他是真正感兴 趣还是出于礼貌。or 连接并列句,因 此前后时态一致。这里主要描述当时 的情况,故用过去进行时。

Look at the pictures. Then read and answer the questions.

1. Pat was in the bathroom with a hairdryer in her hand when she heard a crash. She looked out of the window and decided to call an ambulance.

a) What was Pat doing when she heard the crash? She was drying her hair.
b) What did Pat do when she looked out of the window? She called an ambulance.

2. Jennifer was in the kitchen, with her hands in a bowl of flour, when she saw a small boy climb into a truck. She ran out of the house and took him out.

a) What was Jennifer doing when she saw the boy? She was baking /cooking /making a cake.
b) What was the boy doing when Jennifer saw him? He was climbing into a truck.
c) What did Jennifer do when she ran out of the house? She took the boy out of the truck.

Why do you think Yang Liwei is a hero? What can we learn from him?

Work in pairs. Imagine one of you is Yang Liwei and the other is a reporter from CCTV. Make up an interview and ask as many questions as possible. The phrases will help you.

? spaceship: lift off – circle the earth – do the seventh circle – come back into … ? Yang Liwei: sleep – show the flags – express– land – tell – feel – return – smile

Sample interview:
S1 = the reporter; S2 = Yang Liwei S1: How many times did the Shenzhou V
circle the earth? S2: It circled the earth 14 times. S1: How long did you sleep in the
spaceship? S2: I only slept in the spaceship for
about 3 hours.

S1: When did you land safely? S2: At 6:23 a.m. on October 16th. S1: What did you tell reporters after
you landed in Inner Mongolia safely? S2: I told them that when it came back
into the earth’s atmosphere, the surface of the spaceship was glowing red. ……

Read the article Space Heroes on page 32.


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