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2018 Word

(15 )

)1. --Has Mr Lin given you any advice ____ your study?

--Yes. He is a helpful teacher.

A. in

B. to

C. on

D. with

)2. Come ___. I'll introduce my _____ friend, Bob, to you.

A. closely; close

B. close; closely C. close; close

D. closely; closely

)3. --Did Daniel invite you to his party?

--Yes. But I had to ____ it because it was hard for me to spare time for it.

A. refuse

B. accept

C. return

D. receive

)4. --Don't worry. My mother will look after your baby _______

--Thanks a lot.

A. careful enough B. carefully enough C. enough careful D. enough carefully

)5. ______ difficult for us ________ the horse to the tree.

A. We're; to tie

B. We're; tying

C. It's; to tie

D. It's; tying

)6. Don't try to do everything at once. Take it a bit _______ .

A. at times

B. at that time

C. at all times

D. at a time

)7. --The housing price has dropped a lot in the past two years.

--That's good. Otherwise, many people cannot ____ to buy a small flat even with their

parents' help.

A. want

B. afford

C. solve

D. deal

)8. --Daniel's never been seen to play chess, _______ .

--Yes. I often see him play chess with others.

A. has he

B. is he

C. hasn't he

D. isn't he

)9. --How long have you ______ the iPad?

--Only two days. I will return it this afternoon.

A. kept

B. borrowed

C. had

D. bought

)10. --Mum, that girl ____________ before us.

--No, dear. She just took the place of her mother.

A. bumped into

B. jumped out C. pushed in

D. ran in

)l 1. --Could I speak to Andy?

--Sorry. He's __________ school. He will come back in two hours.


A. gone to

B. was in

C. going to

D. been to

)12. It's a pity that all those old trees________.

A. are cutting down

B. are going to be cutting

C. are going to cutting

D. are going to be cut down

)13. --We plan to __ leaflets to ask people to donate money to Project Hope this weekend.

Would you like to go with us?

--Yes, I'd like to.

A. let off

B. hand in

C. hand out

D. give up

)14. --We need a new leader for our Helping Hands Club, but I don't know ______

--What about Mary? She is always willing to help others.

A. when to choose B. how to choose C. what to choose

D. who to choose

)15. --Having many helpers makes a task easier and faster to complete.

--I think so.

A. Many hands make light work

B. Too many cooks spoil the broth

C. The early bird catches the worm

D. The more you learn; the more you know

(20 )

In a small town lives an old man. He has a nice house 16 a large garden. The old man

takescare of his flowers every day. The garden is 17 beautiful that every, passer-by will

stop to have agood look.

One day, a young painter went by the old man's garden. He looked at the garden, thinking

howhappy he would be 18 he lived in such a beautiful place. Then suddenly he found

theold gardenerwas blind. The painter was 19 and went to the old man. He asked, "You

can't see the flowers.Why are you making them so beautiful?"

The blind gardener smiled, "I can tell you four 20 . First, I was a gardener when I

was young.Although I become 21 now, I am still good at gardening. Second, although I

can't see these flowers, I can touch them. Third, I can 22 the sweetness of them. At last,

that's you. It's 23 that Idon't know you. But I know many people will stop by the garden

and the beauty of my garden willmake them happy. It also gives me a chance to 24 with

you here and enjoy these flowers together."

Every flower has eyes. With the eyes they can see the kindness of the old man. The blind

man alsogrows flowers in his 25 . Failing to see the beautiful flowers come out, but he

surely can hear thesound of them.

( )16. A. between

B. on

C. with

D. over

( )17. A. very

B. so

C. such

D. too


( )18. A. if

B. when

( )19. A. excited

B. relaxed

( )20. A. stories

B. decisions

( )21. A. free

B. lonely

( )22. A. feel

B. hear

( )23. A. true

B. helpful

( )24. A. live

B. talk

( )25. A. house

B. yard

(20 )


British Museum

Open: Free, open daily 10:00-17:30

Fridays until 20:30

Address: Great Russell street, London

Telephone: 7323 8000

C. before

D. until

C. surprised D. frightened

C. suggestions

D. reasons

C. blind

D. deaf

C. see

D. smell

C. important

D. impossible

C. fight

D. argue

C. eyes

D. heart

The City Flower Show 8 April to 17 April Price: $50 for adults
$25 for children Address: 112 Kendat Way Chesterton Cambridge CB4 Telephone: 8528 1101

English Summer Camp

Pop Music Week

How will you spend your summer?

Bands from home and abroad will give per-

English Summer Camp 20XX at the University

formances in Chaoyang Park, Beijing. Chi-

of Toronto, Canada!

nese singers like Zhang Liangying will also

Ages: 13 to 18

share music with fans.

For more information, call CEE/CCIEE at (010)

Price: 30-50 yuan

9806 2607

Time: 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

( )26. British Museum is closed at_______ on Friday.


B. 18:30

C. 17:30

D. 20:30

( )27.8-year-old Tommy is visiting the City Flower Show with his parents. They should pay __

A. $75

B. $100

C. $125

D. $150

( )28. If you want to get more information about English Summer Camp, you can________

A. go to Canada


B. call (010) 9806 2607

C. write to CEE/CCIEE

D. send an email to the University of Toronto

( )29. In Pop Music Week, ________ will give performances in Chaoyang Park.

A. bands and singers

B. bands and dancers

C. actors and singers

D. bands and actors

( )30. Phillip, 20 years old, is NOT allowed to go to _________

A. Pop Music Week

B. British Museum

C. English Summer Camp

D. the City Flower Show


Jim, a successful businessman, told a story in his childhood.

When he was 12, his parents died. He was alone and didn't get on well with others. People

alwayslaughed at him. No one was kind to him.

His only friend was a dog named Tige. He gave it enough to eat and drink, but sometimes

he wasnot polite to it. He didn't know that an unkind word sometimes could hurt others.

One day, as he walked down the street, a young lady was walking in front of him.

Suddenly, one ofher bags dropped from her arms. As she stopped to pick it up, she dropped

other bags. He came to helpher. "Thank you, dear! You are a nice little boy! "she said kindly,

with a smile on her face.

A special feeling came to him. Those were the first kind words he had ever heard. He watched heruntil she went far away, and then he whistled () to his dog and went directly

to the river nearby.

"Thank you, dear! You are a nice little boy! "he repeated the woman's words. Then in a

lowvoice he said to his dog, "You are a nice little dog! "Tige raised its ears as if it understood.

"Uhum! Even dogs like it! "he said. "Well, Tigc, I won't say unkind words to you any

more."Tige waved its tail happily.

He looked at himself in the river. He saw nothing but a dirty boy. He washed his face

carefully.Again he looked. He saw a clean nice boy. He was amazed. From then on, he had a new


After telling this, Jim stopped for a while, and then he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, that

kindwoman is the first person who planted the first seed of kindness in me. All of us should learn

aboutkindness. What a great power it has!"

( )31. What does the underlined word "it" refer to?

A. The whistle. B. The kind word. C. Washing face.

D. Helping others.

( )32. What made Jim start his new life?

A. The people's unkind laughter.

B. The woman's kind words.


C. His lovely dog.

D. The hard life.

( )33. Jim was feeling _________ when he whistled to his dog.

A. funny

B. excited

C. lonely

D. sad

( )34. According to the passage, which of the following is True before Jim met the lady?

A. He never took good care of his dog.

B. He used to have many friends around him.

C. He helped many ladies pick up their bags.

D. He didn't always keep his face clean.

35. What's the best title of this passage?

A. A dog and a boy

B. A poor boy's childhood

C. A businessman and a boy

D. The power of kindness

(30 ) A) 36. It won't be too long before he ________() the importance of hard work.

37. The river is so clean and clear that we can even see the______ __() of the river.

38. Mo Yan's works are __________() into many languages and sell well in the world.

39. There are many ______() in our town and people can work without going to other

places. 40. All _____ () things need air and water to live. B)

41. Germany is a very important ______________(Europe) country.

42. Our speaker today needs no _________(introduce). He is an old friend of ours.

43. My cousin failed in the test because he did it ______________ (careful).

44. TFBOY's fans are mostly teenagers, ____________ (especial) young girls, I think.

45. After lots of ___________ (train), Lang Lang became a famous pianist at last.

()(15 )

Manners at school

Say good morning/afternoon if you are walking past an aduh who you know. Ask if you want

to borrow something, not just taking. Return things that you }lave borrowed. Wait for your turn

before youspeak. Say "excuse me" rather than pushing past someone. Hold the door open for

the person coming in,especially if he is carrying something. Respect your own and other people's

property, especially schoolproperty. Say "please" and "thank you".


When you are out Don't use bad words in public which are offensive () to others. Let an older person haveyour seat on buses, trains and trams if there is nowhere for them to sit. Queue up quietly and don'tpush. Put your rubbish into bins. Don't leave it for someone else to clean up. Have fun but don't be soloud that you attract the wrong kind of attention. Respect property. Don't make fun of anyone, becauseeveryone has feelings. Introduce any friends you meet to the people you are with. Say "please" and"thank you". At the table Wait until everyone has been served before you eat. Use your knife to cut and your fork to put thefood in your mouth. Chew food with your mouth closed. Ask for things to be passed to you, and don'tlean over the table. If you need to blow your nose, excuse yourself and go out of the room first. Don't grab everything you want. First help others to get their food and be prepared to share. Don't talk with your mouth full. It is not a good look! 46. If you want to speak, wait for your turn rather than . Respect your ownand other people's property school property. 47. your seat to the elderly if they have nowhere to sit on buses, trainsand trams. Don't anyone because everyone has feelings. 48. Any friends you meet should be to the people who you're with. 49. Eat everyone has been served. The knife cut and the fork is used to put the food in your mouth. 50. Don't chew food . If you need to blow your nose, excuse yourselfand go out of the room first. Help others to get their food and get ______________ share. 50. with yourmouth open; ready/prepared to

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